Sean testimonial photo with border“After just one week of working with Agatha, she was able to help me organize our workflow in a way that I hadn’t even thought of. Within just 2 weeks, we had clearly defined roles, systems, procedures, and best of all…LOWER STRESS. She could see things immediately that I couldn’t see, and she took action on things with us right away that would have otherwise taken months or years to implement. My inbox has never been more organized. Our profit margins have increased. And because of her I can actually see a path to scale this business up without raising my blood pressure.” – Sean Carroll, Digital Marketing Agency Owner

Amanda Seam photo“I had such a great time with Agatha and was on a high for days afterwards! Her guidance was inspiring and empowering and I loved the energy and encouragement! It’s put a pep in my step and I’m so thankful to have done it!” -Amanda Seam, Spudnuts Donuts Owner & Franchisor

Anabel photo“When I joined one of Agatha’s group circles I needed someone to hold my hand through my own journey. She not only held the space for my amazing transformation; I received so many practical tools to implement it. A big game changer was my time management, which was imperative in the unfolding of my business! I’m in deep gratitude to Agatha for this gift. With her love and high energy you truly are reminded anything is possible!” -Anabel Vizcarra, Life Coach

Tamera photo“Agatha’s coaching was a sacred, fun and empowering space for me to express myself on so many levels…life, business and beyond! Through Agatha’s guidance and the amazing clients she leads, I discovered that I’m not alone and that I have the power to realize my purpose while embracing the masculine and feminine within. That alone, is priceless.” -Tamera Lawrence, Creative Director

Tricia photo“Agatha’s coaching has been of great benefit as I launch my first business. The format for our meetings was brilliant, supportive, insightful, and well organized. I appreciated being able to ask questions and receive helpful feedback. I learned to take risks and follow through with steps I was hesitant to take as I received amazing support and was held accountable for these steps. I would highly recommend her, whether you’re a ‘rookie’ like myself or a seasoned  entrepreneur.” -Tricia Reynolds, Transformational Life Coach

Kerry photo“Agatha brings a special combination of intuition, joy, compassion and ‘breaking it real’ to the coaching experience. She manages to ask exactly the right question at the right time to support me along my path. Every conversation is a delight!”
-Kerry Stranman, Advertising Executive

Allie headshot“Agatha leads through her own direct experience, offering incredibly deep support that is grounded, practical, FUN, and wonderfully inspirational. Within a few short weeks of working with her, I came up with and launched a concept for a new program that allows me to combine everything I love to do under one roof. And I booked 6 clients into it!-Allie Armitage, Business Trainer

Steph photo“Agatha quickly cut through all the crap and got to the root of who I’m meant to be in my business. It’s like a chiropractic adjustment for my small business empire: everything feels totally aligned.”
-Stephanie Halligan, Financial Consultant & Cartoonist


Lyla Photo“Agatha is the best combination of intelligent, inspirational, and fun. She manages to kick my butt and make me laugh at the same time. She’s been an invaluable asset to my personal and professional growth. She’s wonderful!”
-Lyla Morrison, Advertising Art Director

Ashley photoWorking with Agatha completely transformed my business. I walked away feeling more excited than I had in months and I couldn’t wait to begin implementing all the ideas we came up with. Agatha helped me get laser clear on who my dream client is and what type of content I could create that would most resonate with them. After our session, I had several pages of blog posts, videos, and webinar ideas to take my business to the next level! It helped eliminate so much stress and frustration from my biz and replaced it with giddy excitement. Definitely work with Agatha if you have the chance!” -Ashley Wilhite, Business Coach

Kate photo“In a short time period, Agatha gave me a lot to chew on and gave me a plan on how to present myself, get clear on my goal, and outline how to get there. She really got me seeing the bigger picture, which has been very helpful to my business.”
-Kate Brenton, Body Worker