There are products and services I have used that have helped me when going through changes.

So to make things easy for you here is a list of my fave helpful things…

Disclaimer: When I recommend stuff here I get paid a commission if you buy it. But I ONLY recommend things I absolutely love. I hope you love them as much as I do, but I cannot guarantee that you will.

Online Business Tools

Aweber Email Marketing Best spam avoider in the industry. It’s what the pros use!

Media Temple Hosting Super reliable, well priced, and no spammy ads like free hosts!

GoDaddy Website Domains Cheapest easiest domains around. Used them for years!

Emotional Support Tools

The Big Leap Book Best book to keep you going, no matter what!

Loyalty To Your Soul Spiritual butt kicking book on doing what you really want!

Chopra Center Meditations Oprah and Deepak always bring me great peace & power!

Photo and Video Business Tools

Pentax DSLR Camera Great affordable DSLR cammy to make your stuff look pro!

Lighting Kit Portable awesome lighting that won’t break your bank!

Savage Paper Clean seamless light weight cheap background for any photo or video!

Zoom Sound Recorder Portable sound device to help you sound crisp and clear!

Organizational Business Tools

QuickBooks $$ Tracking Take it from an ex-accountant, QB Pro is the best! Easy print postage. Ain’t badasses got time for no post office!

Moo Super quality printing for your glossy materials!

Want More???

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