Using Video To Give Back

Spirit Walk still for blog
I often wonder why more non-profits don’t use video in their fundraising efforts?

Or why more entrepreneurs and bloggers who give back to non-profits don’t make fundraising videos to help support those causes?

According to the Online Publisher’s Association, people are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Can you imagine what that means for fundraising?

As a blogger and entrepreneur who is so blessed to be doing what I love, an important part of my life is giving back to places that feed my soul.…

How To Kick Major Butt On Video (and it’s not what you think!)

Authentic still for blog
Before I started doing video my blog was a ghost town.

I think the only person reading it was my Mom (love ya Mom but you’re a biased reader).

At the same time, I was not exactly getting loads of requests for advertising, sponsorships, or business consulting given that no one knew who the heck I was.

So I started video blogging…or vlogging. And people started to finally take some notice.

Doing video helped me connect with people who were virtual strangers.

They would watch me on video and get a good feel for me…and that lead to more doors opening in the blogging and business world.…

Unleashing Your Vlogstar Can Rock Your Business

Vlogstar Vid Still for blog3Other entrepreneurs ask me all the time what the heck a VLOGSTAR is?!?

Vlogstar (definition): video blog star

Next question after that is why I bother doing video? Aren’t I busy enough as an entrepreneur already?

And yeah I am busy…but never too busy for video.

The reason I started doing video for my business is because it helped take me to new levels that would have required a lot more energy, time, and effort otherwise.

Connecting with peeps online is a great way to build a reader and client base, but it can be hard to do when someone who visits your website or blog has never met you.…

Easy Peezy Ways To Edit Your Videos Like A Rockstar

Editing Rockstar for blog2Video editing can make your blog and YouTube videos pop and shhhhhizzle.

Problem is a lot of editing software can be complicated and takes way too long to figure out, especially if you’re a busy entrepreneur.

So what the heck do you do to get better videos but not spend all your time doing it?

Most editing pros recommend a program called Final Cut, but it is waaay pricey (over $1,000) and the training manual looks like an encyclopedia.

Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

I use a much leaner and less expensive editing software called Adobe Premiere Elements and I even taught myself how to use it.

How To Avoid Poopie Kaka Video Lighting

Lighting Kit Still for blog1
I get so many technical questions about video blogging, especially from entrepreneurs.

Videos are such a kick ass way to promote yourself and reach a wider audience online.

When you show up as your authentic self on video it helps people connect to you, and that can help you make a lot more money in your business.

Lots of peeps reach out to me about how to make the quality of their videos better without spending a ton of money on equipment.

You don’t need fancy Hollywood level equipment to make your videos pop and sizzle!