How Meditation Got Me To Six Figures


Does the idea of meditating sound woo woo wah wah ridiculous to you?

My friend I hear you! I used to think it was a total kaka waste of time…

I thought meditation was just for hippies, not business owners.

But a few years ago I found myself stuck at the same level of income after 5 years of owning my first business (an accounting & bookkeeping firm).

I tried every action step imaginable but nothing helped me break my income barrier.

And then I read this article from the Harvard Business Review that said meditation made people 77% more likely to resist distracting urges…

Meditation helps our ability to resist an impulse, which determines our success in learning a new behavior or changing an old habit.

Fear Doesn’t Have To Suck

Fall In Love With fear

Let’s get real here – being an entrepreneur can be HELLA scary sometimes!

I don’t know about you, but I get scared almost everyday.

And when I get into the head spin of relentless fear it can be overwhelming.

My fear boogeyman used to make me feel like total kaka with thoughts like…

  • What if everyone hates me and what I do?
  • What if I end up a total loser failure?
  • What if I go broke and homeless pursuing my dreams?
  • What if my business is just plain stupid and worthless?


Video Backgrounds That Don’t Suck

Savage Paper Still for blog

Have you ever watched a video online and been really distracted by the background?

Sometimes it’s because the background looks super cheap and yucky, even though it’s plain; other times there is so much going on in the background that you don’t know where to look!

Either way, you find yourself not quite paying attention to what the person in the video is saying because you are transfixed by the awfulness behind them.

I see this all the time…and it can really take all the power out of your videos.…

Using Video To Give Back

Spirit Walk still for blog

I often wonder why more non-profits don’t use video in their fundraising efforts?

Or why more entrepreneurs and bloggers who give back to non-profits don’t make fundraising videos to help support those causes?

According to the Online Publisher’s Association, people are 64% more likely to make a purchase after watching a video.

Can you imagine what that means for fundraising?

As a blogger and entrepreneur who is so blessed to be doing what I love, an important part of my life is giving back to places that feed my soul.…

How To Kick Major Butt On Video (and it’s not what you think!)

Authentic still for blog

Before I started doing video my blog was a ghost town.

I think the only person reading it was my Mom (love ya Mom but you’re a biased reader).

At the same time, I was not exactly getting loads of requests for advertising, sponsorships, or business consulting given that no one knew who the heck I was.

So I started video blogging…or vlogging. And people started to finally take some notice.

Doing video helped me connect with people who were virtual strangers.

They would watch me on video and get a good feel for me…and that lead to more doors opening in the blogging and business world.…